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12 Days of Christmas: Day 2, Kay [@twentysixnails]

Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas series! The guest today is my dear friend Kay! [@twentysixnails on IG] <3 I'm loving her plaid! Thank you so so much my friend <3 let's take a look at her post!

Día 2 de los Doce Dias de Navidad! La invitada hoy es mi querida amiga Kay [@twentysixnails en IG]! <3 Me encanta su plaid! Su post está en inglés, pero al lado derecho se encuentra el botón del traductor de google ;). Por cierto que si son de México, vayan a mi cuenta de Instagram @pamelapomelo, pues habrá varios sorteos estos días!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Today I have a simple nail art for this year's Christmas for you. This is very easy to do. As long as you have red polish, some acrylic paint and a glitter polish, you're set for this nail art ;) 

For my first Christmas nail art this year, I have decided to keep most of my nails simple, and feature an accent finger. 

My ring finger features my all-time favourite, OPI All Sparkly and Gold. It is almost a one coater, but I usually do 2 coats just to ensure there are no bald spots. The main red I used in my index and pinky is China Glaze Just Be-Claws mini version which a friend got for me from the US! It is a beautiful metallic red which is so beautiful but not too loud because the shine is very subtle.

The rest of the nail art was done using acrylic paint. 

On my middle finger, I painted a funny-looking Santa Claus. Actually its face is beige, but my camera is unable to capture the difference between my beige and the white so... this may look like a weird creature to you. I don't blame you!

For the index and pinky, I focused on drawing simple lines across for more definition. I added small sparkles for extra embellishment.

Hope you guys like the nail art and thank you Pamela for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to write on your blog again this year! xo

- Kay @ Twentysixnails

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